How to watch all your favorite TV shows on IPTV

In an article dedicated to what are the best apps for IPTV it is practically impossible not to mention IP Television – IPTV M3U. This is an application available for Android and iOS, the result of the work of a developer who, as easily understood from the name itself, allows you to watch television on a mobile device by exploiting the “power” of the Web. What distinguishes it from the others app more than anything else is its user interface, very well cared for and captivating. For the rest, it is quite simple to use, allows you to add channel lists in all possible ways and has a player full of options. It is not free, it costs 1.19 euros on Android and 2.29 euros on iOS, and in addition to remove advertising, add the TV guide and up you need to make in-app purchases.

To use it, download, install and start the application on your device and then press the “+” button at the top right of the IP Television – IPTV M3U screen dedicated to playlists and choose how to load the list between: Loading manually , Xtream Code, Auto Upload or Paste M3U. Then enter the requested info and confirm the choice made.

Once the channel playlist has been loaded, you will find it in the list. Press on its name and then stop on that of the channel you want to watch to start streaming. Through the player that will be shown to you later, you can choose the display mode using the appropriate button at the top right and you can also adjust the volume using the bar at the bottom. The Pause / Play button allows you to pause and resume watching the channel.

Returning to the app screen with the list of channels of the selected playlist, you can also add a given channel to your favorites so that you can view it on the fly by pressing the star icon next to its name.

I would also like to point out that by recalling the app menu by tapping on the button with the three lines horizontally you can quickly return to the main screen of all the added playlists, download the TV guide, access the store to make in-app purchases to unlock other functions, add additional channels to the list, adjust settings and configure parental control.


IPTV services allow us to watch live TV on the Internet. It is enough to be connected to the network to enjoy our favorite programs, from your mobile, from the browser or from our Android TV.

In this area there are pirated services that transmit content without permission, but there are also legal alternatives, and those are the ones we will see in today’s post. These are the 10 best free IPTV service providers to watch legal TV on our Android mobile, iPhone, PC or any other device with an internet connection.

IPTV Hut ( on your TV (Android / iOS) – Another app for IPTV that differs from the others for its simple and minimal graphics that leave no room for doubt. It supports both M3U and M3U8 files. It can be downloaded for free (but a Pro variant, for a fee, with additional functions is possibly available for iOS).

Ping IPTV ( – Great app of the category that allows you to add multiple channel lists by creating your own lists. It has a nice interface and there is no advertising. It is free to download.

IPTV (Android) – The name leaves little room for doubt: it is an app through which you can watch TV channels via the Internet by adding them through special lists. Simple but functional. It is free to download.

Bomba TV ( – Excellent app for iOS for watching streaming TV channels including all the necessary functions: video scrolling, support for 3D Touch, support for multitasking on iPad, possibility to create multiple IPTV playlists, etc. It costs € 3.49.

KS Hosting IPTV ( – Another application of the category with program guide support and which offers the possibility to create and manage different channel lists. It is free to download.

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